Ghosts of Cumberland


Cumberland Mills has the reputation for being haunted by the ghosts and spirits from beyond...

The event takes place around the 1920s at the St-Paul de Cumberland Church historical site (1847), its cemetery and the Harbottle Garden.

Cumberland Mills is a village populated by Irish, Scottish and English of the Anglican religion located in a French Catholic enclave.

To get to the site, you first have to walk the paths of the Harbottle English Garden. The paths will lead you through the autumn night (The night of the ghosts) inhabited by a number of mysterious characters.

Since many a night ago, the Cumberland Mills historical site has the reputation for being haunted by the ghosts and spirits from beyond.

The cemetery surrounding the church includes a number of wooden and stone tombstones and a few of those are tied to stories some would rather leave forgotten.

The church is located at the heart of the cemetery and is surrounded by a thick forest typical of rural regions back in the day (1920).

The stone church, with its original furnishings, is for the occasion, without electricity.

It is inhabited by the spirits which protect the inquisitive and enterprising visitors.

Are you inquisitive enough to come find out?

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