Lecteurs de musique classique

Musical Sundays


The intimacy of St. Paul's Church in Cumberland, combined with the exceptional sound of the place, and the talent of our artists, will make you live enchanting moments.   Our artists will make you discover their works in styles as varied as music and singing, Classical, New Country, Popular, Folks or Jazz, or even theater or tales and legends.






11 years and -

Open to everyone !

Start your Sundays with music!

Why not take advantage of our facilities to have a picnic in Harbottle Gardens after the concert?

  Bring your lunch and refreshments and enjoy this welcoming and soothing site.

Schedule of musical Sundays



Possibly the best acoustic in which we have sung!   And on such a beautiful site.   What more could you ask for?   Thank you very much.

Étienne Quirion

Magnificent site, warm welcome, enthusiastic public. Thank you very much for everything.   It was a pleasure to play for you! 

Marie-Claire Vaillancourt