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Christmas Spectacular


Christmas spirit

Soak up

50 actors, singers and musicians will transport you back in time to make you live an evening full of emotions. 


Christmas magic (Photo credit: jpdu12)


First guided by the wooden soldiers, you will then be accompanied by Miss Labonté and Mrs. Rockford for the first part of the show which takes place outside (45 minutes).   You will be asked to set your biological clock to the year 1900.  
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas John Taylor, Head of Cumberland Fief, will be very happy to welcome you and celebrate Christmas with you.


While meandering the paths of Harbottle Gardens, you will meet different characters who marked the history of Cumberland Mills at that time. Each of the paintings will lead you to St-Paul's Church.
Located on a small hill in the heart of the Beauceron forest, St-Paul de Cumberland Church is the oldest stone church in the region (1847) with its original furnishings. You will fall under its charm of authenticity.
Arrived at the church, the beadle, David Wintle, will welcome you and it is then that you will meet the infamous Sam Miller (main character).  


You are then invited to enter the interior of the church to live an extraordinary theatrical and musical experience of an adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel THE GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS. The story of this bestseller, written in 1843, merges very well with the true history of Cumberland with its host of characters who actually lived in Cumberland Mills around 1900.
The Magic of Christmas at Cumberland Mills takes viewers on a truly magical Christmas story. There is no doubt that the carols, the traditional Christmas music and the emotions will make this moment unforgettable.

Complete Friday, december 8, 5:30 pm
Complete Sunday december 10, 4:30 pm
Complete Friday, december 8, 8:30 pm
Complete Saturday, december 9, 7:30 pm
Complete Sunday, december 10, 7:30 pm


The Cumberland Christmas Wonderland, a rare gem in the heritage landscape and culture of this beautiful region of Quebec.


Thank you to this wonderful team who dazzled us with this Christmas magic.


That evening made such a mark on me that I came back the following years, each time with the same emotion and the wonderment of a child who, at the end of the performance, once again believes that Santa Claus really exists... So much so that , this year, I'm going back. 

Ilse (d’Autriche)

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